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Easy, Accurate, and Actionable - Your business’s most important asset is its people. But recruiting the right people is hard, expensive, biased, and professional-service based with no actionable benchmarks. Our ei-Understandings Application for 360° Employee Lifecycle offers sales executives an easy, accurate, actionable way to design, deploy, manage, and motivate teams to meet and exceed key growth priorities.

3 easy steps for visual trait and emotion analysis to identify actionable weak spots in real-time
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2. Pre-Assessment
3. Real-time Assessment
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Identifying Actionable Weak Spots in Real-Time


Leading-Practice Benchmarking

Benchmark results both internally and externally to quantify initiative impact, identify areas for improvement, and continuously improve towards best-of-class sales organizations

Predictive Personality Profiles

Identify Individual’s and Team’s traits and facets during different situations and emotional states. Our emotionally intelligent benchmarking enables top sales talent recruitment based on predictors of success for optimal role/team placement and cultural fit beyond simple task-to-skill matching.

Team Chemistry Building

Matches team members based on both similarities and differences and strengthens connections through natural mobile communications and science-backed relationship-building questions.

Quantified Emotional Excitement Metrics

Optimize salesforce’s daily activities by objectively understanding emotional excitement in relation to roles/projects/culture all through team’s digital communications on ei-Understandings, so there is no invasiveness

Powered by ei-OS Cloud Services

Key Features

Multimodal Emotional + Situational Awareness

Data-driven guided learning improves foundational general science hypotheses to proven, hard science theories

Pathway to Understand Emotions in Decision Making

Unique Emotionally Intelligent 3D Machine Learning + AI enables:

Unique understandings specific to each person based on their emotional life

Breakthrough intractability boundaries faced by traditional AI approaches - efficient, cost-effective, and can scale to everybody in the world

Automatically paired with sciences and data-driven guided learning

About Us

Vision + History

3 unique people with different expertise, personalities, and emotions connected by 1 common goal - Quantified happier humanity.


Nathaniel Thurston is building our technology on 20 years of proof and inquiry. He worked with David Gabai and Robert Myerhoff, now math chairs at Princeton and Boston College, to create the first proof of hyperbolic geometry. This 3D math combined with Nathaniel’s expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence is the key to truly understanding people and emotions in decision making.


Nathaniel and Greg were united by this vision. Nathaniel left the exploitative academic and corporate worlds, so he could build his technology to improve people and their relationships with the world around them. Building off his work creating Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Greg sought to further transform the customer-business relationship, using emotional understandings to turn transactions into experiences and relationships.


Chris was the missing link to take vision, technology, and business to product. Originally an advisor to ipvive, he soon joined the founding team, bringing with him a history of connecting people through interactive products at Bungie, Ngmoco, and SK Planet.


They and a growing team of people connected by this 1 vision, are working together to develop ipvive’s ei-OS to help others do the same - capture the always illusive emotional chemistry that connects us to and deepens relationships with the world around us.


And now it’s your turn to connect with us...

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2120 University Ave. Suite 402,
Berkeley, CA 94704

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Mon - Fri: 9am to 6pm
Sat : 9am to 1pm

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