HUMAN CHEMISTRY intelligence

geo-location, user-emotion

We believe business relationships like sales are not about efficiency;

it’s about mutual benefit, profit, and trust 


HCi GLUE helps you in those moments to build profitable points of contract

From real world audio/video sources for continuous improvement

Highlight cultural translations to build mutually trustworthy relationships

Match your best business asset to customer moments to build mutually profitable relationships


self-correction, not self-detection

1. SMART DATA EXTRACTION from real- and Digital- world data
2. HCi glue
3. Continuous profitable Relationships
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Divergent GLUE

Discovers divergent triggers and HCi affect to continuously improve every customer moment, relationship and culture

Benchmarks GLUE

like-like emotion signals and HCi affect to spotlight competitive triggers and people to build relationships

relationship GLUE

like-like GLUE the best business asset to a real-world customer moment

Profitable GLUE, not action based steps

Take out the guess work by building competitive advantage with like-like GLUE

Powered by Quantum Machine Learning + Superhuman AI

Key Features

Tops Down: divergent innovation triggers and projection patterns
(open source the science)

like-like GLUE, profitable relationships based on who each person truly is and how they really feel

Bottom Up: people and how they feel and think
(build trust towards increased personalized mutual benefits)


Deal Chemistry intelligence: spotlights competitive triggers and people to build a relationship

Catalyzer Business Customizer: matches business assets to deals and talent

Talent Chemistry intelligence: spotlights creative triggers and people who build ideas and innovation

About Us

Vision + History

Unique people with connected by 1 common goal - A quantified happier humanity


Nathaniel Thurston is building our technology on 20 years of proof and inquiry. He worked with David Gabai and Robert Myerhoff, now math chairs at Princeton and Boston College, to create the first hyperbolic geometry computing system. This math combined with Nathaniel’s expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence is the key to our patent pending quantum machine learning.


Nathaniel and Greg were united by this vision. Nathaniel left the exploitative corporate world, so he could build his technology to improve people and their relationships with the world around them. Building off his work creating Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Greg sought to further transform the customer-business relationship, using emotional understandings to turn transactions into mutually profitable experiences.


They and a growing team of people connected by this 1 vision, are working together to develop ipvive’s HCi GLUE to help others do the same - capture the GLUE to deepen relationships with the world around us.


HQ Office

2120 University Ave.

Suite 402

Berkeley, CA 94704

Seattle Office

1200 5th Ave.

Suite 1800A

Seattle, WA 98101

JAPAN Office

1 Chome−10−8, 渋谷道玄坂東急ビル

Shibuya-ku, Dōgenzaka

〒150-0043 Tōkyō-to

Business Hours

Innovating 24x7

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