We are a Emotionally Intelligent cloud services company founded on groundbreaking math, and enabled by machine learning technology built on top of it.

We comprehend the deluge of available data (verbal and non-verbal communications, biometric, autonomic, genetic, environmental, traditional www, and licensed) automatically paired with sciences to objectively make both the persons and the world around them better.



Wei-HR Recruiting and Continuous Assessment Tool

Why – Meaningful enterprise opportunity with room for oversized impact.

• Currently hard, expensive, biased, and professional service based with no actionable benchmarks.

• Our predictive employee personality profiles will drive role and team placement for company and culture fit beyond simple task-to-skill matching placement. 84% of surveyed HR professionals want a solution like this.

• ei-Assessment market estimated at $500 million with no dominant player, and potential for $6 billion through increased accuracy, ease of use, and actionable results.




People. Relationships. Trust.

• Retail

• Financial Services

• Consumer Products

• High Technology

• Life Sciences

• Health Care

• Energy

• Communications



Partner. Differentiate. Grow.

• Business Solution Channel.

• Application Channel.

• Thought Leader Collaborations.

• Technology Alliances.



ipvive is led by an integrated and mission driven team.

ipvive, inc.

2120 University Ave.
suite 402
Berkeley, CA 94704

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