Emotionally Intelligent (EQ) Digital Life

Who we are

ipvive's EQ technology communicates, listens and responds to what you are saying (voice or text) based on you: how you feel and what you are doing at the present moment.

Our proprietary technology automatically analyzes the full range of behavior between people, and their emotional relationships with one another, places, activities and things.

Our platform uses emotional feedback from a like kind community, behavior and social sciences, and focuses on increasing your level of "happiness," thereby producing EQ (actionable) search results.


We have key personnel and Board members representing Samsung and SK Telecom and with successes in ventures such as ngnomoco (acquisition by DeNA), JAMDAT Mobile (acquisition by EA), Tapulous (acquisition by Walt Disney Co), Bungie (acquisition by Microsoft), Yahoo Korea, Remedy Corporation (acquisition by Peregrine Systems/BMC), Microsoft (Distributed Computing engineering) and Google (Knowledge engineering).

We have a key strategic relationship with a leading emotional analysis technology company and have forged important links with behavioral and social science organizations.

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