Our EQ-OS adds automatic summarization and association with guided learning to uniquely understand people (emotional + rationale) and deepen relationships, instantly.

• SaaS designed to glue best of breed point solutions into an unified People Understanding & Relationship System

• Multimodal communications and inputs: From People, Cities, Buildings + Home, Automobiles Sensing Emotion, Behavior, + Environment

• Unique Understanding an Individual (idiographic) enabled by automatic summarization and association of user’s inputs with the scientific journals and like-kind guided learning from thought leaders

• Unique-Meaningful Prescription + Output to an Individual (idiomatic) enabled by positive deviance reinforcement learning based on like-kind people’s affective decision making pathways distances and expressions based on individual’s communications and inputs + human factors



People. Insights. Instantly.

• For Businesses: customer understanding & relationship tools.

• For Behavior & Social Scientist: people research & analysis tools.

• For Developers & Technology Partners: software developer kits.

• For Consumers: showcase & partner applications.



Customers. Relationships. Loyalty.

• Retail

• Financial Services

• Consumer Products

• High Technology

• Life Sciences

• Health Care

• Energy

• Communications



Partner. Differentiate. Grow.

• Business Solution Channel.

• Application Channel.

• Thought Leader Collaborations.

• Technology Alliances.



ipvive is led by an integrated and mission driven team.

ipvive, inc.

2120 University Ave.
suite 402
Berkeley, CA 94704

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