Ipvive News Release: San Francisco, California, 10 October 2007

Ipvive commercially pilots like-to-like GLUE, a method to create emotional mapping

Ipvive commercially pilots like-to-like GLUE™, a method to create emotional mapping

like-to-like GLUE™ (geo-location, user emotions) is a method of data visualization by which to integrate spatial/temporal, GIS and emotional data. More simply named this method is called “emotional mapping™.”

“We designed like-to-like GLUE to provide perceptible, personalized technology enabled services based on you, where you are and how you feel,” stated Akiko Nonaka product marketing manager of Ipvive. According to sociologist Arlie Russell Hochschild, all human beings learn certain emotional rules but they differ according to culture, social class and gender.

Ipvive’s deployment of like-to-like GLUE is an industry first. It demonstrates a shift towards people centered technology enabled services. Emotional mapping adds a necessary feature for a people centered “smart memory” system replicating human to human interaction. As Jin Kim, an international student from South Korea stated “emotional mapping will help me find smart memories based on me, what I’m looking for; when I want it; based on how I feel…wow.”

Ipvive’s plans the launch of like-to-like Korea, a free technology enabled recommendation service, with its emotional mapping feature in 2008.


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