Catalyzer intelligence

Divergent from common thinking is the only winning course

PROBLEM: It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change — Charles Darwin

IMPACT: Catalyzer Enables Noticeable Change. All companies struggle to continuously discover new ways to produce revenues and net profit.

Catalyzer spotlights market and talent trigger points from unknown to predictive based on an objective algorithm. Our technology adds how human truly behave based on emotional signals and projection patterns. With a baseline of human emotional signals mapped into charts investors and entrepreneurs can realize and avoid pitfalls and rabbit holes enabling noticeable change to markets.

To achieve the "winning-hand" of long term profitability, a company must establish sustainable competitive advantage. Competitive advantage may be created entirely from a new initiative, based on divergent thinking of future trends and customer preferences. But due to the time and expertise that is required to develop divergent thinking and a new competitive advantage, the rate of change in most industries, and the inevitable moves by the competition, it is often necessary to leapfrog the existing competitive environment with a Catalyzer partner. This may enable a clean slate to establish an entirely new competitive space in which the Catalyzer partner is not only a leader but establishes most, if not all, of the standards by which all companies will be measured.


Catalyzer is focused on divergent thinking and delivering value, service, experience and trust to their customers—employees—stakeholders.

Unknown to Predictive Triggers Algorithm

Catalyzer is focused on divergent thinking and delivering value, service, experience and trust to their customers—employees—stakeholders.

Next-Gen Tech

Our Data Extraction API + Actionable Business Intelligence engine enables unprecedented discovery of emotion triggers and projection patterns at the level of an Individual. What we are talking about is an unknown to predictive triggers algorithm associated with emotion signals mapped into graphs. Our human + technology tools approach takes advantages of communications and actions from consumers and employees like salespeople.

ipvive technology leverages over 20 years of proof/inquiry in a revolutionary geometry as the special sauce that enables it to handle exponential amounts of data but with previously unrealized accuracy and potential.

Next-Gen Creative Leaders

We are focused on discovering and fostering the next-gen of double-cultural creative leaders in the USA with embedded Asian culture. Realizing divergent thinking and leapfrog initiatives requires the freedom and incentives to discover aka create, take risks, fail and transform. It takes a certain type of person with passions to discover, resilience to overcome stress, energy to excel everyday and embedded-cultural ethics to be this kind of leader. We believe the next-gen of double-cultural creative leaders are Asian expats and students from leading business, sciences, and humanities programs of Universities such as Stanford and Harvard.

We will associate creative leaders to like-kind Asian company leaders and financial/legal leaders.