Relational Artificial Intelligence

We're building a smarter, more human approach to artificial intelligence.
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Decentralized Engine + Smart Managed Services

Designed for continuous improvement. Built for personalization.

Personalized and Unbiased

Relational AI uses hyperbolic lenses to measure multiple views of a system, improving local properties related to global by concretely quantifying differences across individuals.

Combine Diverse Data for a More Complete Picture

Relational AI combines and temporally aligns diverse data types for each device and its media signals (e.g., pixels in a video frame), putting us several steps ahead of common AI that can only handle one data type.

Continuously Improves with a Decentralized Design

Relational AI learns off of sparse data, reducing data requirements and the expense of tailoring explanations to user-specific accuracy.

Partners and Alliances

Together, we can build smarter data and tools for people. Co-create with us.

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