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Realize the value of relationship capital in your organization and products. Leverage emotional and cultural intelligence with high accuracy, individual-specific insights. 

Open new markets.

RCai is about creating mutual benefit. Together, we can create disruptive new data-driven solutions based on quantifiable emotional and cultural dynamics. 

Bring humanity to digital and physical environments.

Understand contextual environments and recognize social patterns backed by science. 

RCai Demo

Experience RCai through our Proof-of-Concept

Goal Demonstrate RCai’s mutual benefit promise through smartification of sensors and devices. The Proof-of-Concept Demo will identify emotion triggers across individuals and teams and uncover scientifically-based emotional and cultural patterns. 
Duration 30, 60, or 90 days, depending on technical specifications and project needs
  • Individuals submit daily self- and peer-assessments and daily ideation videos.
  • Teams submit video and audio from team meetings.
  • We apply our RCai processing engine to extract and analyze emotion signals from the multi-modal data. RCai identifies cultural and emotional patterns for individuals and teams, explaining the observed patterns with known scientific hypotheses and higher level concepts.
  • We provide individual and team emotion profiles based on the data received over the course of the demo.
  • We benchmark data and devices for RCai compatibility, providing feedback about the quality and quantity of data necessary for effective RCai processing.
  • We assess partner co-creation possibilities and market opportunities, summarizing our analysis in a co-creation roadmap that projects future collaborative efforts.