Actionable emotional and cultural intelligence for customer relationships

More Trust. Stronger Customer Relationships.

Re-humanize the retail experience. Extract emotional and cultural insights from retail dark data to develop relationship intelligence.  

Combines and analyzes data from multiple touchpoints

RCML extracts and analyzes individual-specific biometric emotion signals from multiple retail touchpoints, such as store security cameras, audio notes, sensors, social media data, and point of sale (POS) data. Combining this data and connecting it to an individual gives a more complete contextual understanding of the retail relationship. 

Personalized, Actionable Recommendations

RCML builds high-accuracy, individual-specific models with sparse data. It understands the customer’s specific emotional and cultural journey to create personalized, actionable recommendations for developing unique customer relationships.

Continuous Improvement through Cultural and Emotional Benchmarking

RCML identifies, quantifies, and helps explain cultural and emotional similarities and differences across customers, providing actionable insights for continuously improving customer experiences toward best-of-class.