Leverage emotional and cultural insights for business intelligence

Work together to build team chemistry. 

NeuroTalent is about developing emotional and cultural assets that lead to stronger, more resilient organizations. It helps identify key pivot points in individual and team dynamics by combining diverse data types and pinpoints the patterns that drive organizational culture.  

Data-driven team chemistry 

Transform organizational culture with a data-driven process based on measurable individual and team differences. RCML intrinsically incorporates continuous improvement by personalizing cultural and emotional metrics at scale, quantifying and comparing differences between each employee’s real interactions, communications, and behavior.

A more complete picture of cultural and emotional organizational dynamics 

NeuroTalent aligns and analyzes signals from diverse data types to understand the individual from multiple angles. Using audio and visual data along with workplace communication and productivity apps, RCML builds an idiosyncratic, multi-modal profile of each person’s cultural and emotional characteristics. 

Higher Accuracy Talent Recognition 

NeuroTalent recognizes idiosyncratic patterns with sparse data, not big curated datasets. This leads to higher accuracy pattern recognition - a tailored understanding of each individual's culture and emotions - with fewer data requirements.