What is Relationship Capital?

We define relationship capital as an intangible currency, a store of value, that pays for reciprocal investment in ongoing social exchanges. You can think of it as credibility or mutual trust. But we think it’s more than that because it also measures the robustness of your relationships, interconnectedness, and the emotional and cultural understanding that leads to acceptance and forward-looking, collaborative partnerships.

What differentiates an organization that succeeds for generations

from an organization that never gets off the ground?

It’s the relationships, the value from sustained internal and external interactions that builds organizational – or individual – resilience. This is what attracts business partners, earns or keeps customers, entices high-quality talent to join your organization, and persuades stakeholders to invest. We consider relationship capital a core competency and an asset because it creates a unique strategic advantage for the relationship capital holder.

In an increasingly digitally connected world, Relationship Capital Artificial Intelligence (RCai) helps you both quantify relationship capital as well as build it. RCai is a key tool for defining, measuring, comparing, and accessing relationship capital so  decisionmakers can create and build value.

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